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Leaders Create Leaders 

"Leaders Create Leaders” is one of The Roland Dransfield Way’s 15 values which keep us focused on how we want to conduct business and ourselves. This particular value reminds us that anybody, at any level of seniority or experience, has the ability to lead - and that a great leader creates other leaders throughout their team. Our “Leaders Create Leaders” series sheds light on some of the incredible acts of leadership occurring during the COVID pandemic. We have interviewed people from different business sectors to find out what they’ve learned, how they’ve successfully led, what values have helped them persevere and what has inspired them from the leaders within their teams. See our interviews below.

Anthony Morrow,

CEO, Open Money



Gaynor Rigby, Managing Partner,

Equilibrium Financial Planning



Phil Mayall, Regional Director,

Muse Developments



Sanjay Bhandari
Chair, Kick It Out


Will Lewis
OBI Property 


Adrian Ellis , General Manager, The Lowry Hotel